Live Thailand Shrimp (10-15pcs per order)


Thailand Shrimp ~ an important types of seafood that are consumed worldwide. Semisweet, mildly salty and savory. The texture of the muscles is noticeable, you can feel the fibers, but it’s very tender.  Shrimp tastes like chicken but with the strong smell of ocean seafood flavor. Although shrimp and prawns belong to different suborders of Decapoda, they are very similar in appearance and the terms are often used interchangeably in commercial farming and wild fisheries. A distinction is drawn in recent aquaculture literature, which increasingly uses the term “prawn” only for the freshwater forms of palaemonids and “shrimp” for the marine penaeids. Our Shrimps are top notch, Shrimp cocktail is on practically every holiday and birthday menu.

Our Live Thailand Shrimp come in the following sizes, Order your shrimp today!!!

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