Live Tasmanian King Crab

Tasmanian King Crab ~ lives on rocky and muddy bottoms in the oceans off Tasmania, Southern Australia on the edge of the continental shelf at depths of 150m deep and cold water.  The Giant King Crab is the largest of Australian crabs and are fished ethically and sustainably. The Tasmanian giant crab is one of the largest species of crab in the world.  They eat mostly slow crustaceans and other slow organisms.  They live long just like the hermit crab for 30 years. Males have one normal-sized and one oversized giant claw, while both claws are normal-sized in the females. It has a white shell with claws are splashed with red.

These crabs are so tasty, the meat is clean, sweet and delicious that you don’t need to mask the natural flavor, but rather lift it with the right garnish. The Live Tasmanian King Crabs can be steamed, poached, pan-fried, grilled or barbecued.

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