Live Mouse Grouper Fish


Live Mouse Grouper Fish ~ also known as the Barramundi Cod, Panther Grouper or Humpback Grouper due to its unique body shape. The Mouse Grouper is considered to be the finest of all groupers. It is is easily recognized by its concave dorsal head profile and the scattered black spots on its body and fins.  The young ones have a white background with round black spots and are continuously swimming head down. The adults have a body coloration with variances of grey and beige with darker blotches variable in size on the body and can grow up to 70cm long. The species is often found in the west Indo Pacific silty reef areas to a depth of at least 40 m.

The Mouse Grouper fish is a famous high end expensive steaming fish in Asia Restaurants.  Nothing can compare to the natural sweetness and tenderness of the Mouse Grouper. The secret recipe for a fine taste is the simple Cantonese style steaming fish with the correct timing.

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