Live Japanese Surf Clam (3pcs per order)


Live Japanese Surf Clam, a species of saltwater clam, also known as Spisula Sachalinensis.  Our Surf Clam is from from the coastal area of Hokkaido, Japan.  In Japan, it is known as “uba-gai” or “hokki-gai,”  meaning the king of clams. Surf clam grown in the northern seas has a distinguished flavor and a mild ocean aroma, meaty, soft and tender.  It’s rich fragrance, sweetness and packed with juice makes it easy to pair with almost any kind of food. It is excellent as sashimi, in shabu-shabu hot pot, marinated in miso vinegar dressing, kayaki (grilled on a shell), and widely used as Sushi all over the world.

Fishery Cooperatives in Japan practice sustainable fishing, include: limited fishing seasons, daily catch limit, and returning young clams less than 8 cm back to the ocean.

Our Live Japanese Surf Clam come in 3 pieces per order, Order your Live Japanese Surf Clam today!!!

Size(Approx.) :  0.90kg / 1.9lb(3pcs per oder)



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