Live Japanese Hanasaki Crab

Live Japanese Hanasaki crab ~ caught in the Hanasaki port area of Nemuro, Hokiaddo. Hana means flower in Japanese. The Hanasaki name is derived from the vivid and blooming red flower like colour and the spines on its shell.  They live 200 meter below sea level, supply is limited because the catching period is only in June to September.

The Hanashaki crab is easy to cook with a simple boil in salt water, grilled, steam and crab hotpot. This high meat ratio crabs are famous for their firm, strong and sweet crab meat tastes. There are delicious eggs found in the female crabs.  Many people from around the world enjoy it its tender flesh and its delicious roe.

Our Live Japanese Hanasaki Crabs are large and tasty and come in the following sizes, order today!

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