Live Hong Kong Hairy Crab

Live Hong Kong Hairy Crab ~ a medium-sized burrowing crab that has hair on their claws . A true seasonal Chinese delicacy, where are consumed by tons by the Chinese in Autumn and Winter.   Hairy Crabs produce rich, creamy roe that cannot be found on other types of crabs, this makes them one of the most sought after delicacy in the Chinese Cuisine. The crabs are native to waters around East Asia, particularly the coastal regions, where they move between fresh and saltwater for reproduction. partners with local fish farm in Hong Kong and bring the hairy crabs back to Hong Kong with great environmental and green efforts.   Through big data innovation and the use of technology such as Artificial intelligence(AI), we are now able to simulate the Yangcheng Lake hairy crab growth environment here in Hong Kong, including: water temperature, PH value, salt level etc.  Raised in Hong Kong, the hairy crabs grow safely in a non-toxin, hormone free and clean organic environment.  And feeding them with a mix of wheat, cod fish, salmon fish and corn to make sure it gets all the nutrients, vitamins and protein to grow the roe and crab meat.

Our Live Hong Kong Hairy Crab come in the following sizes, order today to support the bright local fish & agricultural revival and the Hong Kong Hairy Crab Movement!

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