Live Australia Crystal Crab

Live Australia Crystal Crab ~ also known as ‘Snow Crab’, one of the most sought-after crustaceans in the world, found along a thin trench of water, 80 km off the coast of Western Australia, and reside at deep sea depths of up to 1,220m.  Crystal crab is a large crab with firm, sweet meat, often pale white in color and can weigh over two kilograms at the largest size.  The crab is primarily sold, more than 95 per cent, into the Chinese markets and it’s a popular dish in China and used frequently in the banquets.

Crystal Crabs are usually steamed or boiled and served relatively unadorned to allow the meat to be fully appreciated. They may be made into a salad or seafood cocktail, or served as a standalone feature with sauces or other accompaniments.

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