Kabayaki Charcoal Broiled Eel


Kabayaki Charcoal Broiled Eel  ~ also known as, “Unagi”, is the Japanese word for freshwater eel. In 1960, the Japanese eel became endangered due to over harvesting, so the Japanese start farming the Japanese eel for sustainability purpose.  And China began farming eel for shipment to Japan in the 1970s.  The Local Chinese companies began raising eel fry after acquiring eel-farming technology from producers in Shizuoka Prefecture.  Later in the 1980s, Chinese companies succeeded in mass production of eel and began to increase exports of live ones to Japan.  And today, China supplies 60% of Japan’s unagi, and it offers various types of processed eels, which is known for its top quality.

The broiling process is key for producing tasty Kabayaki. After they are steamed, then the eel are broiled over high-temperature charcoal fires. Next, they are dipped in tare sauce before going back over the charcoal. This process repeated four times before the eel are dipped in the sauce for the last time, giving them a glossy finish.  The signature sweet sauce that perfectly complements the grilled eel.  Kabayaki sauce is also soy-based, but what gives it that irresistible sweet flavor is the addition of mirin which appeared in the Edo-period.

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