Live Ireland Razor Clam (10-12pcs)


Ireland Razor Clam taste refreshing and exceptionally sweet due to the cleaned water quality in Ireland. It is best for steaming in order to preserve the savory taste of the Razor Clams. Their shells are more fragile than those of most other shellfish, so they have to be harvested by hand rather than with the big dredges used for most other clams. This makes them costlier than other varieties. They are a large, fan shaped shellfish that lay buried in the sand point first. This leaves the large curved edge of the shell exposed. This edge is quite sharp and has been responsible for many cuts and scrapes of those collecting the shells. Their flesh is unusually sweet, making them a favorite with the clam lovers. They are a versatile ingredient in seafood dishes.

Our Razor Fish Clam come in 10-12 pieces per order with various sizes, Order your Live Razor Clam today!!!

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