Frozen Tuna Fish Chu Toro Block


Chu Toro is the name for medium fatty tuna in Japanese, it is the perfect blend of Otoro and Akami.  Chu Toro is usually found near the skin on the back and belly. Because it straddles both types of tuna, it provides both a meaty and fatty texture for a real celebration in your mouth. Don’t expect to eat a lot of ChuToro when enjoying a tuna fish – it makes up such a small amount of the fish that it takes a whole fish to make one Chu Toro sashimi!  This elegant piece of tuna is perfect for sashimi or sushi, but it is also delicious as a steak.

Our Frozen Tuna Fish Chu Toro come in the following size, Order your Frozen Tuna Fish Chu Toro today!!!

Size(Approx.) :  0.6kg – 0.7kg / 1.32lbs – 1.54lbs


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