Frozen Tuna Fish Akami Block


Frozen Tuna Fish Akami Block ~ Saku means “Block” in Japan, and it is the perfect shape to cut for sushi. Akami is next to the dorsal fin of the Tuna fish, which gives this part of the fish an intense red colour, due to it’s lower levels of fat than other parts of the fish, which makes it a perfect starter of the fattier chu-toro and o-toro.  It is the perfect cut of fish that can serve raw, as sushi, tartar or ceviche, and is also great as cooked fish for BBQ.

The large bluefin tuna are caught in the nets, as they migrate from the Atlantic into the warmer Mediterranean in the Spring months of April and May, where the fish come to spawn. The fish caught are 10-12 years old when they are at full-size, and have spawned for multiple seasons. Once they have been caught, they are taken to marine pens where they are monitored for the perfect fat content and size.

Our Akami is known for it’s melt-in-the-mouth texture, with large flakes and a lot of flavour, making it the perfect option for sashimi and sushi dishes.

Our Frozen Tuna Fish Akami Block come in the following size, Order your Frozen Tuna Fish Akami Block today!!!

Size(Approx.) :  0.6kg – 0.7kg / 1.32lbs – 1.54lbs


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