Frozen Indonesia Octopus


Frozen Indonesia Octopus ~  Frozen Octopus is a good way to make sure your octopus is tenderize and tasty for your guest. Octopus are easy to prepare and can be served in warm or cold, for salad or grilled, depending on your taste and it is well served in various cuisines from around the world.  Indonesian fishermen has greatly practicing sustainable fishing techniques in order to maintain Low cost, healthy and safe life fishing and rebuild overfished stocks, reduce bycatch, and protect essential fish habitats by Introducing new octopus catching tools that have been successfully proven in Japan and Europe.  Indonesian fishing industry do not over fishing “octopus” by fishing only the bigger sizes octopus, but rather providing a stable, peaceful and healthy work environment.

Our Frozen Indonesia Octopus come with the following size, Order your Frozen Indonesia Octopus today:

Size(Approx.) :  2 – 2.2kg / 4.5 – 5lb


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