Frozen Greenland Halibut Fillet (2pcs per order)


Frozen Greenland Halibut Fillet has snowy white meat and practically no risk of bones. The meat has a delicate and soft texture and a mild umami flavor. It is easy to cook with, recognized for its delicate flavor, and extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids, making it a much sought-after delicacy.

The Greenland halibut is a truly versatile fish, where almost everything on the fish can be used. Halibut found mainly in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, from Canada in the west to Norway in the east. The Greenland halibut is a flatfish that is dark on the upper side and lighter on the belly. It has a set of sharp teeth for hunting its prey such as prawns, krill, capelin and redfish. The Greenland halibut is also known to prey on Atlantic cod, grenadier or squid. It lives near the bottom and prefers depths of 200-2,000m, where water temperatures remain below 4°C.  Because our halibut are wild caught, so the stresses to the fish are exponentially minimized thus ensuring a high quality, perfectly textured and flavored meat.

Our wild caught Frozen Greenland Halibut Fillet come in the following size, Order your Frozen Greenland Halibut Fillet today!!!

Size: 1kg/pc (2pcs per order)

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