Frozen Australia Ocean King Prawn (121-165pcs per order)


Frozen Australia Ocean King Prawn ~ caught in the Shark Bay, West Australia and snap frozen at sea.  Its got a sweet, creamy, and sluccent.  They remind people the taste and texture in between a good lobster and langoustine. This ocean caught prawn is making significant strides within the seafood markets and exploded in popularity throughout the world in recent years.  Thankful for the speed frozen technology -50C used while ocean caught to preserve its freshness and favor!  The species has a short, sustainable reproduction cycle at about 12 months to 16 months. It can be harvested without depleting the ocean resources. Additionally, the government has introduced extensive regulatory measures and fishery improvement projects to support the industry.

The meaty texture will add that extra something to any dish, and because they are simple to cook with, they are ideal for everyone in the kitchen.

Our Frozen Australia Ocean King Prawn come in the following size, Order your Australia Ocean King Prawn today!!!

Size(Approx.) :  5kg / 11lb (121-165pcs)

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